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Monday, March 9, 2015

Agnar Steelspray finished and fluff

Scarab Packs were swarming the trenches, and Agnar Steelspray's Scattergunner unit was being overrun. He held his banner high behind his fellow Trolkin, and called out with a booming voice to help coordinate shrapnel laden blasts. His kin heard his calls, and deftly moved out of the way of the deadly shots, allowing them to do as much damage as possible to the oncoming tide of red lacquered armor. Still, the scarabs kept coming, followed by their grotesque masters. 

Agnar kicked scarabs off his legs and forced them back with the butt of his standard. His voice resounded off the walls of the trench as he continued to call out to his brethren, not noticing some of the scarabs staggering back at each call. Despite his efforts, more and more of his unit fell to the onslaught of the chattering insects, and more and more Agnar became focused on preventing them from overwhelming him. Still, some scarabs got through his defenses long enough to lash out at him, and burden him with enough lacerations to fell a weaker creature. He was Trollkin, however, and he would endure.

Every scattergun was glowing red by the time the last of his brothers and sisters had fallen. They had cleared the trenches and exterminated the scarabs, but paid dearly for it. Bleeding and aching, Agnar was the last one standing, and his standard was broken and bent. He saw the hooded forms standing just outside the trench, observing him with a quiet ire. He was sure they were the fabled beast masters the Skorne employed to push their warbeasts to the limit. They would no doubt be displeased their entire pack of Scarabs were slaughtered. 

Agnar dropped his now useless standard and scanned the area around him. The scatterguns that littered the area would be useless after such extreme use. His eyes soon landed on two swords a slain kriel warrior had carried. Anger welled up in him as he walked over to the body of the kriel warrior, kneeling as he took up the blades. He quietly thanked the warrior for the blades and whispered a short prayer to Dhunia. He rose and turned to face the beast masters that were readying themselves, eager to exact their revenge for their murderous pets. He tightened his grip on his blades, and bellowed out a call of defiance to the Skorne before him. The ground shook, and for a moment, he was just as surprised as his enemy. Taking advantage of the moment, Agnar charged the beast handlers, eager to hasten their journey to the Void.

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