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My name is Jessie Carlile and I paint miniatures and love to roll dice. I began painting miniatures in 1999 and have never looked back. Painting is very relaxing and rewarding for me and I hope you enjoy the works I share on this website. I have won many awards for my work including the Silver in 2008 and 2009 Privateer Press Masters Painting Competition as well as a Gold in 2010. Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

New work space

So, many things have happened within the past year. I graduated college with a History degree, got married, got an awesome job working with my brother, and I bought a new house. And with a new house comes a man cave, and an awesome hobby work space in that man cave. My old work area used to be crammed into a desk with a simple hutch built on to it, but I still had a flow with it that allowed me to paint figures. Now, I've been able to expand that work area and and expand the flow along with the amount of figures I have painted. Now, on to the tour!

The first stop, my to-be-painted shelf.

This is where I line up all the figures I want to paint before a new wave of figures takes their place.
Next up, the main work area.
It's pretty self explanatory. It's where I paint. And read Lost Hemisphere. And watch King of the Hill on Netflix.
And finally, the display case. This is pretty much the main motivator for me to paint. The whole time I'm painting, I have the display case sitting next to me, beckoning me to place freshly painted figures in it.

It may seem simple, but it's a pretty effective process for me to paint all of the unpainted figures I have. I've set a goal to paint all the figures I have before I buy anything new. It's pretty intimidating looking at all the figs I have, and it's pretty hard to keep my self from buying shiny new toys like the Minute Man, but this process has helped me paint a great deal of figures I've had for some time.

So, no matter your work space size, get a flow going! If you want to get through that mountain of figs, painting time and a good flow to your work space will really help get you motivated. Set goals too! Have a place to proudly display your work! This will make you want to add newly painted figures to the mix, and you'll be amazed at how quickly it fills up!